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Never is a hangover planned. When socialising with friends and family the last thing anyone considers is how they will feel the next day. The fun and laughter to be had when out on the town is a bigger temptation than the fear of the next morning and the side effects that come with consuming too much alcohol. Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to let your hair down, but when planning to do so, precautions should be in place for the day after to stave off any of those dreaded side effects.

Water of Course

That’s right, water is our best friend when it comes to defeating a hangover. Essentially the body is dehydrated . After a mammoth drinking session, you are undoubtedly suffering with a  debilitating headache, this is a message from your body telling you to take on board fluids. Water is the best solution, but many also suggest sugary drinks such as soda and isotonic sports drinks. Drinking these will begin the process of replenishing your body of those nutrients which have been taken away whilst dancing to Abba.

The Hangover


This may feel like the last resort for many suffering with a particularly bad hangover but is a guaranteed method to begin to take away the harsh symptoms of a hangover. Before indulging in the remnants of last nights takeaway consider something which will be more easy to digest. Foods such as soups and toast will begin to line your stomach and may allow you to tackle something on the larger side in an hour or so.

Prevention is better than the cure

Sometimes that last glass of wine is not enough and we have ‘just one more’ and another and so on. What many are choosing to do though is put in place precautionary measures to ensure the next morning is not a complete write off. People are now using a transdermal patch which when placed on the body, infuse natural ingredients directly in the bloodstream, meaning a hangover shouldn’t occur. Picture them as a sister of the nicotine patch but not being used to cure an addiction.

The best hangover cure

Ideally, to avoid a hangover, you shouldn’t exceed the recommended daily allowances stated by health organisations. For the times you do though, take on board a few of these tips and you may be able to function like a normal human being for the rest of the day.

Mid September usually means a couple of things, first of all the summer is drawing to a close. No more weekend BBQ’s and drinks after work in overcrowded beer gardens, but more importantly, its the time of year when many are flying the nest and seeking pastures new at University. With the mixture of emotions ranging from fear and excitement, we look at the essentials that will keep students going until at least January.

The Tech
A fully functioning laptop with internet access is a must. OK, this will help with research and assignments but you want to keep in contact with all the new friends you’re making and some old ones to. With the wide variety of social media being used to organise socials and nights out it’s essential your laptop can handle the constant use. Not forgetting for entertainment purposes, there are going to be less productive days where you will want to catch up on last nights Hollyoaks using online streamers.

The Remedies
For most students, this will be their first time away from home so for the first month or so, junk food and alcohol will be consumed in excessive amounts. To combat the inevitable backlash of such abuse a fully stocked medical kit should be at hand containing the essential hangover remedies. This should include paracetamols, diarrhea capsules, chocolate and those all important energy patches to ensure you can make it to the early morning lecture.

Quick and Easy Food
Buying late night takeaways can become an expensive and unhealthy hobby. To defeat the onslaught of hunger, stock up on easy to prepare and cheap snacks. Think beans, soups and instant noodles. For the more adventurous culinary experts why not considering cooking a pasta dish, again a cheap alternative and can last for days if you prepare enough, resulting in more money to spend on socialising.

Home Comforts
After mammoth revision sessions and parties, it’s essential that you get a good nights (or even days) sleep. Ensure you have a ready supply of pillows and bedding, this will ensure you are fully refreshed for the day ahead.

Too often LA or New York are considered the entertainment capitals of the world which attract most celebrities. Even our own who make it big, pack up and move Stateside, if only for work opportunities; though they soon find themselves coming back thanks to unrequited tea-needs and funny stares at their slightly less-than-perfect teeth. In the 60s, London was the place to be for models and actors, and with the recent success of the Games, hopefully more eyes are drawn back to the city as a place to relocate, rather than move away from or temporarily reside. Here are a few reasons why London is and should be the place for celebrities.

The People

New York is notorious for unruly and rude “Nuy-orkers” jostling you as you make your way on foot around the city, and everyone looking just a bit glum. In London, we’re much more welcoming to tourists and newcomers. Not everyone has a cockney accent like we’re often depicted as having, and we are very much comprehensible (yes, really!). If you want proof, walk through the markets early in the morning, and be caroused by cheery stall-owners; or take a black cab and find out a bit of history as you take a ride (and give the cab driver another ‘you won’t believe who I had in the back of my cab’ story to tell)

If you want us at our absolute best, give us a bit of sunshine. Even just a bit or a few degrees warmer than expected for the time of year, and we shed all the clingy stress of our day and bask in the glorious warmth. You might not consider it particularly warm, but a nice April brings out everyone in a good mood. It takes little to please us.


As you’ll be able to tell from the Olympics and Paralympics coverage, we hugely passionate for our own but we’re also welcoming of others. Sure we may pull your leg with our wit and dry sense of humour, but we’re a friendly bunch. London is one of the most ethnically-diverse areas of the country, if not the most. It’s been a rapidly-changing landscape since the 40s with Asian and African cultures being integrated into not just our national identity but on a smaller scale, localised to London. It really feels like you’re at the centre of the world when you walk down the streets and it gives one great options when it comes to where to eat or what to do, as much of other cultures has become infused with our own.


You’ll be hard to find an occasion where you haven’t got something to wear if you live in London because of the massive choice to do some retail therapy. You’ve got shopping centres like Westfield in Stratford near the Olympic Village, as well as West near Shepherds Bush which boast all the major department stores, in addition to the world famous Oxford Street. Then, you have areas populated with smaller business, whether fashionable boutiques in Kensington and Carnaby Street, which has it’s roots in the hippie and mods of the 60s.


Though the BBC has relocated up North, London remains one of the biggest media capitals in the world. If you want to see your name in lights, then the West End offers all the best big-time, flashy theatre productions in the world, such as Wicked, Les Miserables and We Will Rock You. In addition, there are the smaller, niche productions which attract the very best actors from all around the world in the nooks and crannies of the city. The likes of Kevin Spacey, Matthew Fox and Neve Campbell have set up shop in London and become like our very own, riding the tube and such, becayse they’ve enjoyed their time over here for work so much. You never know who you’re going to bump into! As a place to film, London is perfect for a wide range of different productions and scenes. Most recently, the city has played host to apocalyptic zombie drama World War Z, featuring Brad Pitt, involving local media students in the process of filming. The city has featured in films by both British directors like Danny Boyle, whose empty, ghost-town London in 28 Days Later has become an iconic scene, and Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Notting Hill) to legends like Woody Allen, who filmed his hit Match Point here rather than his native New York, to name just a few. If we can convince Woody Allen to ditch his beloved New York to film in, then London must be amazing.


After getting my teeth in to all things social media in the past few days it has made me think, how is it actually going to change my life?

We all know how Facebook and Twitter can keep us in contact with ex girlfriends (even if you do block them and remove them from your friend list) and…

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To celebrate all things Olympia it makes sense to take a step back in time with an iconic British Scene. Tonight I will be donning my brogues, fixing the top button on my Fred Perry tee and get ready to dance a two tone step at the Black Lion in Brighton.

It feels like the right time to be celebrating all things British, we’re currently witnessing one of the biggest events in the world, our female rowers have just won their first ever gold (OK, so I’m not the worlds biggest rowing fanatic, but hey we won). The Queen is currently celebrating her Jubilee year, so yeah, it just feels right to be in this modern world with a vintage look.

Least we not forget that it has been over a year since Amy Winehouse’s tragic passing so tonight, in the spirit of things I will pay homage to her with this similar look (I will probably brush my hair first though)

Amy Winehouse Mod

A funky band I saw on George Street, Hove at the weekend

A lovely sunny day in Peacehaven

Androgyny has always fascinated the fashion world. “Andro” means man and “gyn” refers to “woman” therefore androgyny describes someone who combines both masculine and feminine aspects. The phenomenon of androgyny is common in both fashion and music. Artists like Boy George, Michael Jackson and David Bowie all chose to wear androgynous dress. In fashion, designers have often played with gender dress stereotypes, experimenting by designing skirts for men, oversized masculine suits and boyish cropped hair for women. Models that have an androgynous appearance are also currently in fashion, with male models, such as Andrej Pejac, modelling both men and women’s designer clothing. Androgyny is back in vogue, so if pushing boundaries is your thing, then this is a style to experiment with. Androgynous looks are currently experiencing an increase in popularity as fashion designers play with sexuality. Many controversial photo shoots have been released in which top designers use provocative images of same sex models to promote their collections. This is not the first time androgyny has shocked the world of fashion. Flappers from the 20s pushed the limits by cutting their hair short, reducing hemlines, ditching the corset, and openly discussing sexuality. A slim, boyish physique was also associated with the flapper image. Androgyny reappeared again during the seventies when David Bowie released Ziggy Stardust and wore makeup and skin tight bodysuits for concerts. Eighties metal bands such as Motley Crue and Poison also went for a gender bending image with their bleached back combed hair, makeup, glitter clothing and platform boots.
Androgyny is a daring and attractive look to play with for confident individuals. There has been a surge in popularity for men who wear makeup during the twenty first century with actors such as Johnny Depp popularising eyeliner through his portrayal of characters like Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissor Hands. has a wide range of designer clothing to push the gender boundaries. Check out the extensive selection of glam, pirate inspired belts. The Swarovski crystal encrusted belts with ostentatious buckles are the perfect accessory for anyone going for Bowie style eighties androgyny with added rock and roll glamour. A masculine edge can look stunning on some women as the recently released film ‘the girl with the dragon tattoo’ proved with the boyish, yet sensual portrayal of the lead character, Lisbeth Salander. We advise wearing an oversized blazer and using layers to get a more masculine silhouette. Philipp Plein’s studded “killer” blazer has got a great masculine feel to it with its tough girl, studded shoulders.

Leather is often a primary material and a key component in creating textured, authentic avant garde fashion items. As well you know, leather is animal hide that has undergone a tanning treatment process; the most common skins used are cow, buffalo, pig and lamb skin. Recently reptile skins have had a resurgence in popularity, with a rise in luxury snakeskin items worn by celebrities and catwalk models.

There are lots of different types of leather, and the quality of the leather often depends on several variables, including the type of tanning process used, what part of the animal was used, and the quality of the construction. Of course, at Poison Angel only the finest leather and the highest quality construction is afforded by designers, therefore you know that the leather you are getting is the absolute best there is. However, even the finest leather needs to be looked after, and cared for properly in order to maintain the integrity of the material.

There are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure that your luxury leather item remains in tip top condition for as long as possible. Firstly, there are special leather protection sprays that can be applied to leather products post-purchase, this will help preserve the lifespan of the leather and also make the cleaning process a lot easier. Obviously you cannot just throw leather items into the washing machine, as this is likely to severely compromise the material. Generally soaps, solvents, silicone and harsh chemicals are not a good idea for your leather clothing, so to clean your leather items, simply do so with a warm damp cloth. Avoid spraying hair products and perfumes whilst wearing leather clothing and when storing your leather item, always store in a cool, dry location as direct sunlight can cause leather to fade. Never store your leather items in plastic bags or containers as the leather needs to breathe.

Some of us want to juggle a night out, whether a pub or a club, with out taking a sickie and missing out on pay (sometimes to make up for the night before if you thought it was a good idea to buy a round for everyone including people whose names you didn’t know). So here are a few tips I’ve come across or created myself to stave off people busting you:

1) The first one would be not to tell everyone that you went out. This may include keeping your mouth shut the day before, or ensuring no photos are tagged of you the next morning.

2) Hide yourself in your cubicle- If you don’t work in retail or a service industry, then simply hide yourself away and wake up slowly. Maybe when you first arrive, make a big deal out of the fact that you have “loads of work that you’re busy with and can’t be disturbed”. If there is someone you can trust in a position of authority, try to get a job for the day in the back or away from people.

3) While the alcohol in your system will work itself out eventually, you can help yourself feel a bit more refreshed by consuming as much water as you can, which is probably the most basic hangover cure. It may be better to leave a few water bottles around your home before you leave so you get a head start; or if you’re quaffing water, it may be noticeable and draw attention.

4) If you wake up hoarse from a night of belting tunes out as if you’re Celine Dion, buy a few soothers or throat sweets to loosen your vocal chords up. Lockets tend to be the best I find.

5) Patches specifically to relieve hangovers are available and use natural ingredients which are released into the blood stream. Coming recommended to me from friends, the great thing I found, is that they can be worn inconspicuously on the top of your arm. You can also find patches out there with among other things insect-repelling and vitamin B12 benefits.

6) I’m one of those people who MUST have a shower in the morning to wake up. As well as feeling replenished in your own mind, the warm steam making you feel all fuzzy inside, you won’t smell of sweat, apple sours and cheesy chips next to your colleagues.

Hope these help. Keep partying!